Passiflora Panama Red 'Red Passionfruit' Seeds

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Passiflora Panama Red 'Red Passionfruit'  - 10x Seeds

A true Aussie favorite! 

A hybrid Passionfruit that is a vigorous grower and more tropical in flavour than the traditional black passionfruit. The large fruit has an attractive red skin and crops very heavily from Autumn through to Spring. 
Evergreen perennial climbing vine that grows to around 500cm.

This plant makes a wonderful screen and is often used to cover structures such as chook pens. Plants are fast growing featuring deeply lobed evergreen leaves with serrated edges and showy, aromatic flowers. The Red Panama passionfruit is spherical or ovate, measuring around 9 centimeters in diameter.

Passiflora Panama Red 'Red Passionfruit' fruit has juicy orange/yellow pulp that has a tangy and refreshing tropical flavour; used in desserts, drinks and salads.

Passiflora Panama Red 'Red Passionfruit' plants die back after frosts but reshoot from the roots. 

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out or direct sow 
Sowing Depth 6mm
Growing Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn or after the last frost 

Germination Time 21+ days at around 20-30c
Hardiness Frost tender perennial 
Plant Spacing 
Plant Height 500cm
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil
Days Until Maturity  600-730 days
Growing tips Scarification may be necessary: scratch or rub seeds with a knife, file or sandpaper prior to sowing.  You can also soak in warm water for 24hrs before sowing.

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