Mahonia aquifolium 'Oregon Grape' Seeds

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Mahonia Aquifolium 'Oregon Grape' - x10 Seeds 

The Oregon-grape is not related to true grapes but gets its name from the purple clusters of berries whose color and slightly dusted appearance are reminiscent of grapes.
The plant grows to 1 to 5 m tall. Its leathery leaves resemble holly and the stems and twigs have a thickened corky appearance. The flowers borne in late spring are yellow. Oregon grape will grow happily in full sun to full shade
Oregon-grape is used in gardens and natural landscaping similarly to barberry as a plant suited for low-maintenance plantings and loose hedges.
Oregon-grape is resistant to summer drought tolerates poor soils and does not create excessive leaf litter. Its berries attract birds

Oregon grape grows best from seed, and those should be planted in the Autumn or the cooler months. Or cold stratify your seeds for a few weeks in the fridge before planting in a warm environment. It grows slowly at first, but as it ages, it quickly grows to maturity.

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 3-5mm
Growing Season Any season if cold stratifying seeds first
Germination Time 30 days at around 18-30c
Hardiness Perennial
Plant Spacing  1m
Plant Height 1 to 5 m tall.
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil
Days Until Maturity  n/a
Growing tips Hardy and easy to grow variety.

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