Lithops Succulent Mixed Seed Packets

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Are you ready for a challenge?

>> Our Lithops seeds come from a highly reputable supplier right here in Australia. Our Lithops seeds have high germination rates and each seed pack contains a beautiful mix of varieties and colours. Lithops seeds are tiny and require special care - instructions included. 

These living stone succulents will give you a beautiful, daisy like flower and will put a smile on your face always. Masters of disguise, living stones get their name from their interesting rock like appearance. These cute, very low growing succulents also resemble little bums that are sneakily poking out of the soil, leaving the majority of the plant hidden underground.

Lithops, Līthops, Split Rocks, Butt Plants… whatever you like to call them, they’re easily one of Earth’s weirdest plants making them highly popular with succulent lovers. 

Gowing Lithops Succulents from seeds can be a very rewarding experience.

You will need a fast draining soil. You can use special cactus soil, or make your own by mixing equal parts potting mix and perlite. I have also had success growing them in plain sand. (You can find sand at most hardware stores). 

Moisten the soil and make sure your planter has enough drainage holes. 

The seeds are VERY tiny, like most succulent seeds. Sprinkle them over the soil and cover them with a small layer (1/8 of an inch) of fine sand. Do not cover with too much soil or the seeds will not germinate.

Use a spray bottle to moisten the top. Keep the soil moist throughout the germination period. For that you can use a humidity dome, or simply cover the pot with a plastic wrap or shower cap. 

Place the pot in a warm, sunlit area. Keep temperature between 18-25c.

>>Expect the seeds to germinate in about two to 12 weeks. 

Remove plastic or humidity dome once the seeds start to germinate.

Transplant the plants to individual pots once they have grown big enough to handle, and place them in a sunny location.


Lithop Seeds are EXTREMELY small & because we have so many varieties mixed into our packs no two seeds will be the same shape or size.
The size range of Lithops Seeds are a little over 1mm for the largest species to under 0.2mm for the smallest.
Each packet is diligently packed using a fluorescent light and magnifier - we usually pop a few extras in each packet.
The easiest way to see your seeds is to sit the packet on a white piece of paper and hold up to a light source (iPhone torch behind the paper works well).
Please handle your seeds with tweezers when removing them from their bags to be planted.
Our seed varieties that make up your mixed packets come from right here in Australia.
They’re worth the extra few minutes of effort that it takes to plant your seeds, we promise!

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