Responsible sourcing of Australian Native Bush Food seeds

Disclaimer: All seeds from our Native Bush Tucker Seed Range are sourced and supplied by Aboriginal communities within Australia. We recognize and respect the importance of this sourcing practice and its significance for the preservation of cultural heritage, biodiversity, and sustainable practices.

At D&H Seed Harvest Co, we are committed to promoting and supporting the knowledge, traditions, and contributions of Aboriginal communities in Australia. By partnering directly with these communities, we ensure that the seeds we offer are obtained through ethical means, while also fostering economic empowerment and cultural revitalization.

The significance of sourcing seeds from Aboriginal communities lies in several key aspects:

  1. Cultural Preservation: Aboriginal communities possess a deep understanding of the land and its resources, cultivated over thousands of years. By sourcing seeds from these communities, we contribute to the preservation and continuation of their cultural practices and knowledge. It allows us to honor and respect their rich heritage and the traditional uses of native plants.

  2. Biodiversity Conservation: Aboriginal communities have developed an intimate relationship with the diverse flora of Australia's ecosystems. Their seed collection practices are rooted in sustainability and ecological balance, ensuring the preservation of rare and endemic plant species. By supporting the sourcing of seeds from Aboriginal communities, we actively contribute to the conservation of Australia's unique biodiversity.

  3. Sustainable Practices: Aboriginal communities possess extensive knowledge of sustainable land management and resource utilization. Their seed collection methods are often based on seasonal cycles, selective harvesting, and regeneration techniques. These practices promote the long-term health and productivity of the land, ensuring its resilience and the availability of seeds for future generations.

By purchasing seeds from our Native Bush Tucker Seed Range, you actively support these principles and contribute to the sustainable and culturally respectful sourcing of seeds. We are proud to collaborate with Aboriginal communities and offer these seeds as a means to share their unique heritage, foster biodiversity conservation, and support sustainable practices.

Please note that the germination and cultivation of seeds may vary based on various factors, including climate, soil conditions, and proper horticultural practices. It is essential to consult local resources, gardening experts, and relevant guidelines for the successful growth of the seeds.

We sincerely appreciate your support in honoring and celebrating the Aboriginal communities' invaluable contributions and wisdom. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.