Diosphyros Virginiana 'American Persimmon' Seeds

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Diosphyros Virginiana 'American Persimmon' Seeds- 5+ Seeds

Diospyros virginiana, commonly called persimmon, is deciduous tree with a rounded oval crown that grows to 35-60’ tall. It is native from Connecticut to Kansas south to Florida and Texas. In Missouri. It is one of the easiest trees to identify in winter because of its distinctive thick, dark gray bark that is broken into rectangular blocks.

Plants are usually dioecious (separate male and female trees). Fragrant, white to greenish-yellow flowers bloom in late spring, with the male flowers appearing in clusters and the female flowers appearing solitary.

Edible persimmon fruits (1-2” in diameter) mature in fall to an orange to reddish-purple color, and may persist on the tree into winter.

Ovate to elliptic leaves (2-6” long) are glossy dark green above, and turn yellowish-green (infrequently reddish purple) in autumn.

Persimmon fruit is quite astringent when green, but upon ripening becomes sweet and may be eaten off the tree. Fruits are commonly used in syrups, jellies, ice creams or pies. Ripe fruits are too soft for shipping/sale. Persimmon leaves can be used to make teas. 

Seed Starting Method Persimmon seedlings form a long taproot early on, so they need to be grown in tall plastic containers that will allow the root to form without cramping it. Sow one seed per pot in sterile potting mixture, and make sure the pot has drainage holes at the base. 

Sowing Depth Plant the seeds at a depth of 2 inches.
Growing Season Spring / Summer
Set the pots in a warm, bright location. If daytime temperatures stay below 20 degrees, try warming the pots with a propagation heating mat.
Germination Time 6 to 8 weeks
Hardiness Hardy
Plant Spacing  N/A
Plant Height 8-20m but can be shaped as desired
Planting Position Partial or full sun
Days Until Maturity  Plant out when seedling show signs of good root development.
Growing tips Persimmon seeds need a period of moist chilling to help them germinate. The chilling, or cold stratification, process mimics the natural process of overwintering the seeds outdoors. Wrap the seeds in moistened sphagnum moss or paper towel, then put them in a plastic bag or jar inside the refrigerator for two to three months. If the moss or paper towel dries out, spritz it with some water to keep the persimmon seeds moist.

Each seed pack contains a minimum of x5 seeds and germination notes.

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