What is 'Smoke Infused Vermiculite' and what are the benefits when using with Australian Native seeds?


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Smoked vermiculite is a dry granulated smoke-infused product designed to promote germination of smoke responsive species such as many Australian Natives. It is specifically designed for use on seed trays and developed to improve application techniques of smoked water. It has the same density and consistency as commercial vermiculite but has a very rich 'bushfire' smell. When our Smoked Vermiculite is sprinkled onto your seed trays and water poured over, the vermiculite releases a 'Smoke Water' coating and assists to kick start your seeds germination.

d&H Seed Harvest Co Native Smoke Infused Vermiculite

Benefits of smoke

While heat and ash are of limited value for breaking dormancy in many species, smoke promotes:
  • Germination of species which are difficult to germinate by conventional means
  • More uniform germination
  • Earlier germination
  • Seedlings which are more robust.

d&H Seed Harvest Co Native Smoke Infused Vermiculite

Suited to the home gardener, commercial and horticultural market.

We use this product to increase germination speed of difficult to germinate Australian Native plant species.

When sprinkled around your native seeds and watered in it mimics a bushfire in that smoke water surrounds the seed and encourages healthy and rapid growth. 

A dry granulated smoke-infused product, especially designed for use with seed trays and developed to improve the application of smoke water in nursery settings. This product is perfect for commercial use or the home gardener. 

Directions for use

Apply the product by hand with a sprinkling motion. 

Once water is applied the smoke infused water is released onto the growing medium, depositing the required level of smoke compound onto the surface, which is then drawn down onto the seed. 

The compounds within the smoke water also promote a bactericidal result within the seed tray medium, acting as a natural fungicide and inhibiting such growth. 

Recomended application rate is one packet per 25-30cm square tray - divide this if using tube stock pots. 

Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority - Smoke to sow and grow
** Example courtesy of Botanical gardens & ark Authority W.A showing seeds germinated with and without Smoke Treatment


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