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White Clover - 400x Seeds

White clover is known to be a hardy plant which will tolerate high traffic and heavy grazing. Its greatest feature, however, is its ability to grow in soil usually considered infertile. Your white clover seeds should grow in just about any soil.

The plant itself produces and fixes atmospheric nitrogen, which often results in a noticeable increase in growth of companion grasses. This is one of the reasons white clover is added to part of a pasture seed mix.

White clover is often recommended as a ‘living mulch’ for between rows of trees, vegetables, or fruit bushes. Its ability to thrive in moist, shady places and tolerance for traffic make it perfect for those locations, and its nitrogen production is beneficial for the neighbouring plants. The shallow yet dense root system prevents erosion and suppresses weeds.

Bees love white clover flowers for both pollen and nectar. People who grow fruit or trees which rely on bees for pollination may find that the presence of white clover improves pollination.

White Clover makes for a fantastic green manure plant that can be grown and turned over into the soil to break down, prior to planting out crops. 

Each seed packet contains a minimum of 1000x seeds and germination notes. 

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