Tilia Cordata 'Greenspire Linden Tree' Seeds

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Tilia Cordata 'Greenspire Linden Tree' - 5 Seeds
A magnificent form of Tilia, the Greenspire Linden is a well formed vigorous tree with a strong central leader.

A stunning Autumn colour tree. 

It has good potential for use as a street and city tree as well as in parks, gardens and golf courses.

Growth rate: Moderate.

Habit: Symmetrically pyramidal with a strong central leader.

Foliage: Leathery dark green heart-shaped leaves turning yellow in autumn.

Tolerances: Performs best in moist but well drained fertile soils in a position receiving full sun to part-shade. May require occasional supplementary irrigation in very dry areas. Quite tolerant of urban areas and some aerial salt.
Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out
Sowing Depth 5mm
Growing Season Spring & Autumn
Germination Time See growing tips below
Hardiness Hardy Perennial
Plant Spacing  N/A
Plant Height 9m by 6m - easy to prune into desired shape
Planting Position Partial or full sun
Days Until Maturity  N/A
Growing tips

Stratify seed for 3 to 5 months before sowing in a warm spot in Spring.

What does it mean to stratify seeds? In horticulture, stratification is a process of treating seeds to simulate natural conditions that the seeds must experience before germination can occur. Many seed species have an embryonic dormancy phase, and generally will not sprout until this dormancy is broken. We recommend placing your seeds in some damp potting mix, in the freezer or fridge.

Do not be too hasty to discard seeds  that have not yet germinated, seeds will often lay dormant (in hibernation almost) until the conditions are similar to their natural requirements for germination and sprouting to occur. Containers placed to one side & forgotten about will often surprise long after they were discarded.

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