Betacea Red 'Tamarillo' Seeds

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Produces shiny red or yellow egg-shaped fruit which tastes like a cross between a passionfruit and a tomato. Only the pulp is edible – the skin is very bitter.

Plant details

Common name: Tamarillo or Tree Tomato

Botanic name: Cyphomandra betacea

Description: Bushy, evergreen shrub which grows to 3 metres (10′) or more. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, with red new growth. Pale pink flowers in spring and summer are followed by the fruit in autumn. Each plant can bear 15-20kg of fruit every year.

Best climate: Warm, protected, frost-free areas

Good points:

rapid growing
easy to grow
tangy, edible fruit

Care: Tamarillos need a well-drained, fertile soil high in organic material. Mulch, fertilise and keep well watered. Pinch out growing tips at about 1 metre (3′) high to encourage branching. Prune lightly after fruiting.

Each seed packet contains a minimum of 10x seed and germination notes. 


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