Sunflower Seed Mix - 6 Varieties In One Packet

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Sunflower Mix - 6 Varieties In One Packet - 10-20x Seeds In Each Packet

We've searched Australia wide for the biggest and best sunflower varieties to bring you this special mixed pack.

Each small batch may contain the below varieties, depending on availability. 

Mammoth Grey Stripe
This sunflower has a giant yellow flower head, up to 2 feet across on a single, tall stalk, up to 12 feet. The large seeds have the characteristic grey stripes.  This is a cultivar of the true North American native  that is such a familiar sight.  This sunflower traveled to Europe where it was further cultivated into this giant.  A great choice for producing large seeds and decorative heads.

Sunforest Sunflowers
Looking to create a forest of sunflowers? This variety is your best bet. Sunforest Mix sunflowers can grow between 10 to 15 feet tall. When planting, leave about 3 feet of space between seeds so that roots have space to grow.

American Giant Sunflowers
The most popular variety of sunflowers used in growing competitions, American Giant sunflowers can grow up to 15 feet tall with faces about 1 foot wide. Their stems are chunky and sturdy to support the sunflower's heavy head.

Russian Mammoth Sunflowers
The height of Russian Mammoth sunflowers ranges from about 9 to 12 feet tall. These sunflowers are popular with pollinators like bees and butterflies and animals like birds and squirrels who like to eat their seeds.

Suntastic Yellow Sunflowers
With bright yellow petals and dark brown centers, Suntastic Yellow sunflowers can grow to about 20 inches tall. They love to grow in packs so you can expect to see 5 to 8 flower faces blooming from each stem.

Sunbird Sunflowers 
Sunbird is a large, yellow-flowered, heirloom Sunflower variety. Produces large numbers of good quality seeds for eating or poultry forage. Can be used as a living trellis for smaller climbing plants or as a windbreak for plants requiring shelter.

Growing Tips
Germination:  7-14 days
Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-75ºF.
Seed Planting Depth: Sow ½-1” deep

Starting Indoors: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Provide 70-75ºF soil temperature. Using peat, cow, or paper pots can help with the stress of transplanting, they grow delicate roots and successful transplanting may be challenging. Transplant after the last frost, 18-24" apart. Water seedlings regularly until established. 

Sowing Outdoors: After the last frost, when soil is over 70ºF. Sow a few seeds every- short and single stem varieties 6-12" apart, branching varieties 18-24" apart. Thin to the most robust seedling. Sow a few weeks later for continuous blooms


Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out
or broadcast sow directly onto soil and push firmly in before sprinkling a thin layer of soil over the top.
Sowing Depth 5mm if sowing in pots 
As above for broadcast sow 
Growing Season Spring, Autumn or Summer in cooler climates - year around in warm climates
Germination Time 12-21 days at around 21c
Hardiness Hardy annual
Plant Spacing  As close as you like!
Plant Height 150cm-180cm
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil
Days Until Maturity  N/A
Growing tips Use a high phosphorus flower food at the beginning of bloom season, once seedlings have established root systems.

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