Santalum acuminatum "Native Peach Quandong" Single Stone

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Santalum acuminatum "Native Peach Quandong" - 1x Stone 

Often referred to as the wild peach or native peach.
Quandongs have a vitamin c content higher then oranges. 

An attractive small tree growing 2m to 4m, with long grey-green drooping foliage, small white flowers and brightly coloured edible fruit. The bright red fruit, 2-5cm across, is harvested between August and December. 

A fast-growing Australian tree bearing distinct red edible fruits. 

Also known as wild, native or desert peach, or by several indigenous names including Kawantha, Gutchu, Mangata, Goorti and Wadjal.

Requires a host plant to grow with. 

The Quandong has really hard seed-coat, and the simplest way to break their dormancy is to soak them in water for a day and place them in the sun, in a tray of potting mix, keeping them moist. If they are planted without breaking the seed-coat, they can take up to two years to germinate. The quickest shortcut is to remove the actual seed from inside the hard seed coat using a vice and compressing the stone very gently and slowly. When seeds germinate, pot them in the same pot as a host plant. Quandong seeds will take about six weeks to germinate

Check out this video from 04:12 for a comprehensive guide on how to grow, courtesy of ABC gardening. 


Seed Starting Method Sow directly or raise seedlings and plant out
Sowing Depth 2-3cm
Growing Season Any season - away from direct sunlight
Germination Time 28-50 days at around 18-21c (remove seeds from stone for follow methods above to crack the stone)
Hardiness Hardy 
Planting Position Full Sun


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