Radish 'Rat-Tail' Seeds

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Radish 'Rat-Tail' - 25x Seeds

This is an extremely old heirloom variety thought to have been brought to Europe from Eastern Asia.  There are records of the pods from rat-tailed radish being pickled in Europe from the 17th century.

Rat-Tailed Radish is a variety that's grown not for its root but rather for its edible green pods which are fleshy and can grow up to 15-17cmcm long.  Some plants will have green pods and others will have purple-ish pods. The purple-podded plants have attractive flowers with mauve petal tips which fade to white towards the centre of the flower, as well as purple stems.  Green podded plants have plain green stems and plain white flowers, but they taste just as good.  The flowers are good for attracting pollinators and beneficial insects to the garden, especially hover flies.  The plants are very quick to produce pods.


The pods can be eaten raw out of hand or in salads for a nice pungent bite, similar in taste to raw radish root only milder. 

Very easy to grow!
Seed Starting Method Sow seeds directly
Sowing Depth 10mm
Growing Season Spring, Summer & Autumn 
Germination Time 3-15 days at around 8-28c
Hardiness Annual -Hardy
Plant Spacing  8cm
Plant Height n/a
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well fed soil
Days Until Maturity  7-9 weeks
Growing tips Requires regular ground watering and feeding to produce bountiful crops

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