Pony Tail Palm Seeds

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Back by popular demand - in seed form!

One of our absolutely favorite house plants! They can be grown indoors or outside in pots or in the ground. Incredibly tough and resilient.

Strong, resilient and easy to grow. By far one of the easiest plant to grow from seed.

Growing ponytail palms from their seed results in a surer propagation method and seeds germinate rapidly if soaked overnight or gently scarified. The tough seed coating needs to be softened or damaged slightly to allow the sprout to emerge.

Ponytail palms prefer light gritty soil. A good quality seed raising mixture will do the trick. 
Sow seeds in 3-inch (7.5 cm.) containers so you don’t need to disturb seedlings for quite some time. Moisten the medium and sow seed on the surface of the soil, pressing it in lightly. Top off with a light dusting of sand.

Care During Ponytail Palm Seed Propagation

Keep the container lightly moist by misting and place in an area with a temperature of at least 20 C. Heat under the container can speed germination. Cover the container with plastic until germination. Remove the plastic once per day to allow excess moisture to escape. Keep the container in a brightly lit area but with some shelter from noonday sun.

Continue to mist your little ponytail palms and keep them in a bright, warm area. Once the seedlings have several pairs of true leaves, water deeply but infrequently in summer and reduce to half in winter. Use a good liquid plant food diluted in spring and again in summer.

Each seed packet contains a minimum of x5 seeds and germination notes. 

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