Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai Plant Food Concentrate Plant | 250ml

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Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai Food Concentrate 250ml

One bottle makes up to 50 Litres of fertiliser! 

Maxicrop Succulent & Bonsai food is safe and easy to use and provides a complete balanced food promoting strong, healthy growth.

For bonsais, use this solution every 7 to 10 days during the growth period and monthly during dormant periods.

For succulents, use this solution monthly during growth periods and every second month during dormant periods.

- Is safe and easy to use.
- Promotes strong, healthy growth.
- Seaweed and Fertiliser for healthier plants and roots.

Add 5ml (1/2 a capful) to 1L of water. Apply directly to the soil or spray onto the foliage at the point of run off.
250mL concentrate makes up to 50L of solution
On hot days, avoid using in the heat of the day.

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