Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Food Concentrate Plant | 250ml

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Maxicrop Indoor Plant Food Concentrate 250ml

One bottle makes up to 90 Litres of fertiliser! 

  • Safe to use on all plants
  • Combines seaweed extract and balanced fertiliser in one product
  • Contains over 60 minerals, trace elements and growth factors
  • Australian owned and made 100%
Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Food Concentrate has been specifically formulated for use on a wide range of plants, ranging from indoor plants to fruit, vegetables, natives, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns. Maxicrop Seaweed Extract is 100% soluble and contains over 60 different, naturally balanced minerals, trace elements and growth factors to ensure a readily available supply of essential micro-nutrients to the plant. It contains trace elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to keep or your plants healthy and thriving.
  • A natural seaweed based nutrient source for all plants
  • Wide range of naturally balanced micronutrients
  • Strong root development for plants
  • Increased chlorophyll content of leaves
  • Resistance to fungal and disease attack
  • Resistance to insect attack eg aphids
  • Additional 100% soluble Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Environmentally friendly fertiliser; no offensive smell
  • Liquid form for easy dilution and application when watering
  • Organic matter to improve potting mix structure and encourage microbial action

1 capful of Maxicrop Indoor to 3L of water.

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