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Lavender Growing Mason Jar Kit

A country inspired Lavender Growing Kit that contains all you need to grow your own English Lavender from seed.

This compact variety of English Lavender produces highly scented & beautiful flowers that leave a lovely fragrance in and around the home. This Lavender Growing Jar kit makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift that is sure to compliment any home. 

Suitable for beginner and experienced gardeners. 

Perfect for gardens with limited space, or a sunny/warm spot on a patio, balcony or inside on a windowsill.

Each kit includes a reusable mason jar, seed packet (True English Lavender from Tasmania), soil pellets x2 , a bag of vermiculite and growing instructions.


 Growing Instructions

1. Place the SOIL PELLETS in a bowl & add 3/4 of a cup of warm water.

2. Allow the pellets to absorb all of the water, expand and then cool down. Mix the vermiculite with the soil, we use a fork, to ensure a moist and even consistency. Add more water if necessary.

3. Transfer the soil & vermiculite mixture back into the jar supplied, leaving a spoonful for later use.

4. Open the seed sachet pouch and sprinkle a few seeds evenly onto the soil, ensure spacing of at least 5mm apart. There are more seeds than needed in your seed pouch. You can plant some now and save the rest for a later sowing.

5. Cover your seeds with a very fine sprinkle (2mm) of the remaining soil and vermiculite mixture.

6. Place the jar (without the lid) in a light and warm position but avoid direct sunlight until seeds have germinated. A windowsill or warm spot in the garden will work well.

7. Once the seedlings appear, apply a very small amount of a half-strength liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks.

8. When your seedling emerges, thin out by removing the smallest plants, leaving the strongest 1-2 plants with plenty of room to grow. The removed seedlings can be transplanted into the garden or other pots.

9. You can grow your Lavender plants in your jar until they're ready to harvest, or you can transplant them directly into the garden or larger pots when each plant is large enough to handle. Usually at around 10 weeks. 

Lavender seeds in this kit are a product of Tasmania. 

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