Fraxinus Ornus 'Flowering Ash Tree' Seeds

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Fraxinus Ornus - 'Flowering Ash Tree' - 10x Seeds

A large deciduous tree growing to 15-25 m tall with smooth dark grey bark. It has dense foliage with rounded growth habit. The dark leaves turn to a beautiful yellow to a purplish colour in autumn. It has showy white flowers that cluster together and have a lovely light scent.

A deciduous Tree growing to 15m - 25m at a very a fast rate.  

A wind and cold resistant tree, it can be grown as part of a shelter belt planting. Ash trees are hugly popular as a shade tree in residential areas because of its good form and adaptability to a wide range of sites.

Like most trees, Ash trees grows best on fertile, moist, well-drained soils.  Flowering Ash It is probably the most adaptable of all the ashes, growing naturally on a range of sites from clay soils subject to frequent flooding and overflow to sandy or silty soils.

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out
Sowing Depth 10mm
Growing Season Summer
Germination Time 28+ days at around 25c+
Hardiness Perennial
Plant Spacing  N/A
Plant Height 15m x 25m
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil but will tolerate most conditions 
Days Until Maturity  N/A
Growing tips Cold/warm water treatment is recommended. You can keep these seeds in cold/warm water for up to two weeks but please ensure the water is changed daily. This soften the seeds well enough to encourage them to sprout once planted in soil.
Ensure temperatures are consistent and warm for germination.
Keep soil moist but not wet, consider covering your pots in cling wrap.
Use a heat mat if you live in a cooler region. 
Follow growing sheet instructions contained with your order regarding 'hardening off' periods, prior to completely planting out.

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