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Fine Curled Cress - 100x Seeds

Fine Curled Cress is a fun herb variety for children to grow. It can be grown on windowsills by scattering seeds on a moist piece of paper towel, no soil required!!
Our favourite method is the stocking method - see pictures in this listing. 

It can also be sown on the surface of soil in greenhouses or similar.

Check out this link for lots of fun ideas! 
7 Fun Ways to Grow Cress that Kids Will Love (

Seed Starting Method Sow seeds directly by using one of the methods above
Sowing Depth Surface scatter sow
Growing Season Anytime indoors 
Germination Time 3-15 days at around 15-28c
Hardiness Hardy - loves warmth
Plant Spacing  Scatter sow 
Plant Height n/a
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist paper towel or soil
Days Until Maturity  Depending on conditions - you will see growth quickly  
Growing tips Keep moist at all times 

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