Everlasting Schoenia filifolia 'Showy Everlasting' Seeds

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Everlasting Schoenia filifolia 'Showy Everlasting' - 10x Seeds

SCHOENIA filifoliaSubspecies: subulifolia (yellow fls) (cultivated)Showy Everlasting

A delightfully showy everlasting daisy growing in a wide range of areas but native to Western Australia, and is one of the main contributors to the tourist attracting wildflower displays in W,A every year after good autumn rains.

It was listed as endangered in 2003. Click to view an article with more information.

The showy everlasting is an annual plant, growing around 30cm high, with long narrow leaves. Its bright yellow flowers bloom from August to October.

Fabulous for native gardens, container planting, beds, borders, coastal areas and rockeries. Very low maintenance plants tolerant of poor soil and drought.

Makes a fantastic cut, pressed or dried flower lasting forever.

Great for attracting native bees, birds and beneficial insects. Also known as 'Paper Daisy' or 'Strawflower'.

This plant seeds freely in the garden but is not invasive and may be treated as an annual.

Sowing method: Sow seeds direct or plant seedlings.
If sowing directly into the ground sow on the surface and rake very lightly, it is not critical to cover all the seed but some coverage helps.
Seed should germinate 7-21 days with sufficient moisture.
Sowing Depth: 3mm or surface sow
When: Best sown in Autumn and Winter but can be sown in all seasons
Germination: 7-21 days at temperatures between 14-30°C
Hardiness  Hardy annual
Spacing Between Rows: 55cm
Spacing Between Plants: 40cm
Planting Position: Full sun in well drained soil
Days to Maturity/Flowering: 80 days

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