Elaeocarpus Grandis ’Blue Quandong' Seeds

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 Elaeocarpus Grandis ’Blue Quandong' - 1x Stone (5-8 seeds inside each stone)

Often referred to as the wild peach or native peach.
Quandongs have a vitamin c content higher then oranges.

It will grow quickly, usually reaching 5 or 6 meters in only a few years. 

Blue Quandong fruits are round in shape, growing to 2-3cm in diameter. The skin is a brilliant blue, produced by a microscopic structure similar to iridescent bird and butterfly wings. Inside, the flesh is thin and pale green, surrounding a hard stone with a bumpy texture

The fruit is best when slightly over-ripe and soft. Inside is a rough woody stone containing around 5-10 seeds.

Height to 35m, tolerates some frost, best suited to a warm climate. Full sun. Flowers March - June.

A fast growing Australian tree bearing distinct blue edible fruits. This tree usually grows beside rivers and creeks in the subtropical rainforests of Queensland, Northrn Territory and Northern parts of New South Wales.

The Blue Quandong has really hard seed-coat, and the simplest way to break their dormancy is to put them in a tray of potting mix and keep them moist. If they are planted without breaking the seed-coat, they can take up to two years to germinate. The quickest shortcut is to remove the actual seeds from inside the hard seed coat using a vice and compressing the stone very gently and slowly. The Blue Quandong seeds will take about six weeks to germinate


Seed Starting Method Sow directly or raise seedlings and plant out
Sowing Depth 2-3cm
Growing Season Any season - away from direct sunlight
Germination Time 28-50 days at around 18-21c (remove seeds from stone)
Hardiness Hardy perennial
Planting Position Full Sun


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