Dianella Revoluta 'Blueberry Lily' Seeds

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Dianella Revoluta 'Blueberry Lily' - 5x Seeds

Dianella revoluta , commonly known as blueberry lily, blue flax-lily, black anther flax-lily or spreading flax-lily is widely distributed within Australia and grows in extremely variable conditions.

Produces edible blue berries with tiny, nutty seeds, and firm, strappy leaves that were traditionally used for cord and string. 

The fruit of this variety are sweet, blueish purple berries ranging in size from 4–10mm in diameter, containing tiny, nutty-flavoured seeds. You can enjoy these fresh or cooked in sweet or savoury dishes, while the plant root can be pounded and roasted for eating.

Blueberry Lily was traditionally used as a tea ingredient in Aboriginal medicine — both root and leaf were used to treat colds and headaches. 

Many uses for your home garden - you can plant singly or in groups for mixed landscapes, as a feature or accent, or mass planted, in borders, verges, median strips and roundabouts.

Has a stunning blue ball which is eatable by birds, insects and animals. 

Extremely hardy and variable. Good under story planting and soil control. 

Heavily attracts native birds and insects. 

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out 
Sowing Depth 6mm
Growing Season Spring or after the last frost
Germination Time 7-15 days at around 8-22c
Hardiness Perennial 
Plant Spacing  30cm
Plant Height 60cm 
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil
Days Until Maturity  100 days 
Growing tips SMOKE treatment recommended. Consider purchasing a pack of our Smoked Vermiculite Australian Seed Starter.

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