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Dandelion Seeds - 50+ Seeds

Dandelions are abundant growers however, they are also a highly nutritious food source. The greens are high in calcium, iron, vitamin C, and potassium, as well as being low in calories. Dandelion leaves, flowers, and roots can all be eaten. They’re good for you, they’re good for your soil with their long taproots, and pollinators love them. The key to growing dandelions is to make sure they don’t go to seed, so they don’t spread. Also, it is better to grow your own dandelions than to harvest from lawns or places where they may be treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Dandelion leaves and flowers can be used in salads, dried to make teas, or cooked in dishes in place of or in combination with other bitter greens. The roots can be roasted, ground and used as a coffee substitute.

Pop some dandelions in a pot alongside one of your veggie patches and watch the bees flock in whilst enjoying this delicious plant in salads 

A perennial plant that will grow year after year

Seed Starting Method Sow seeds directly or start as seedlings 
Sowing Depth 1mm
Growing Season Spring, Summer 
Germination Time 7-21 days at around 10-25c
Hardiness Perennial 
Plant Spacing  30cm
Plant Height 50cm
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well fed soil
Days Until Maturity   95-110 days 
Growing tips Many medicinal uses 


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