xerochrysum bracteatum 'White Everlasting Paper Daisy'

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Rhodanthe Chlorocephala 'White Everlasting Paper Daisy' - 30x seeds

An attractive long flowering everlasting daisy with interesting sticky foliage, which can trap small insects. A good hardy plant for frost and drought areas, but also good for more humid areas. Easily grown in most well drained soils , best in full sun. 

Native to Australia, growing naturally in Victoria and New South Wales. 

An evergreen annual or short-lived perennial compact form growing to 100-130 cm (34-48 in) with a spread of 20 cm (6 in), it has silvery-grey leaves.

Flowering is spring through summer.

This plant seeds freely in the garden but is not invasive and may be treated as an annual

Sowing method: Sow seeds direct or plant seedlings.
If sowing directly into the ground sow on the surface and rake very lightly, it is not critical to cover all the seed but some coverage helps.
Seed should germinate 7-21 days with sufficient moisture.
Sowing Depth: 3mm or surface sow
When: Spring, Summer & Autumn
Germination: 7-21 days at temperatures between 14-30°C
Hardiness  Hardy perennial
Spacing Between Rows: 55cm
Spacing Between Plants: 40cm
Planting Position: Full sun in well drained soil
Days to Maturity/Flowering: 80 days


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