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TOMATO 'Tommee Toe Red' - 20+ Heirloom Seeds

Known as an old American family heirloom variety which has a beautiful flavour this stunning tomato produces small bright red fruit upto the size of a small apricot. 

It produces colourful, tasty, elegant round-shaped bite-size cherry tomato fruit which averages 25grams and matures in 75-80 days. 

The unique shape and brilliant colour of fruit make a very impressive display in pots. It is a very sweet, mild acid-free flavour and few seeds make it perfect for salads and eaten straight from the vine.

This is an INDETERMINATE variety and as such requires vines support or climbing frame.

How to  Grow Your Tomato Seeds Sow your tomato seeds in early Spring to Summer – all year round in subtropical and tropical areas.
Sow 5mm (1/4”) deep in pots or trays of seed raising mix.
Transplant to final growing position when sturdy enough to handle.
Spacing plants 50cm (20”) apart each way.
Water daily, and when the first truss has set, feed regularly.
Pinch out side shoots as they appear.
Can also be sown direct in final position after danger of frost has passed.
Most tomato seed varieties require a warm sunny position and staking to ensure a bountiful crop.
Seedlings emerge 10-14 days.
Plant in rows 90 cm apart with 45 - 60 cm between plants.
When To Plant Spring to Summer
Harvest 12-14 weeks
Sow Spring, Summer


Each seed packet comes with germination notes and includes a minimum of 20x seeds. 

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