CONOSPERMUM huegelii 'Slender Smoke Bush' Seeds

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CONOSPERMUM huegelii 'Slender Smoke Bush' - 5x Seeds

C. huegelii is an attractive ornamental plant suitable for gardens or containers. The flowers are long lasting and used for decoration.

Endemic to Western Australia

A perennial herb, rather than a shrub, it has short leafy stems from which arise smooth floral scapes up to 60cm tall with the flowers crowded towards the tips. The flowers are blue and tubular about 0.75cm long, visible from July to October. The leaves are needle-like but soft, about 5-20cm long and incurved.

Sowing method:

Sow seeds direct or plant seedlings.
If sowing directly into the ground sow on the surface and rake very lightly, it is not critical to cover all the seed but some coverage helps.
Seed should germinate 7-21 days with sufficient moisture.

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Sowing Depth: 3mm or surface sow
When: Best sown in Autumn and Winter but can be sown in all seasons
Germination: 7-21 days at temperatures between 14-30°C but can be erratic
Spacing Between Rows:
Spacing Between Plants:
Planting Position: Full sun in well drained soil

Choose a weed free site preferably one with no fertilizer history.

Can be difficult to germinate and may take several weeks.

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