Neutrog | Bush Tucker Native Plant Fertiliser 500g

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Neutrog Bush Tucker | Native Fertiliser | 500g

  • Introduces beneficial bacteria / microbes for stimulating the natural processes that occur in the soil
  • Bush Tucker is a complete, organic based boosted fertiliser
  • Bush Tucker was developed by Neutrog in consultation with native plant expert Angus Stewart and soil scientist Simon Leake
  • Bush Tucker supplies a wide range of essential nutrients
Bush Tucker is an organic based, complete fertiliser specifically developed to meet the specialised needs of all Australian native plants.
Directions for use

Apply Bush Tucker evenly to pre-soaked soil around the drip line of the plant and water again well. Keep fertiliser at least 20cm away from the base of plant and avoid contact with foliage or flowers. Apply after signs of new season growth and thereafter every 12 weeks, or as required, throughout the growing season.

Application Rates

Established plants: 100g per plant.
Garden beds: 100g per square metre.
Pots: Apply 30g per 8” pot (200mm) around the outer rim, with relative increases/decreases dependent upon pot size.
Planting: Apply 50g per plant to base of hole and cover with 1-5cm of soil. Increase amount for larger plants

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