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Clover 'Strawberry' -400x Seeds

Strawberry Clover (Trifolium Fragiferum) is perennial clover that is similar to white clover in growth habit. It has a large 3-leaflet green leaf and clustered, globular pink flowers that resemble a strawberry.

Strawberry Clover can be used as a lawn grass alternative, as ground cover in orchards and vineyards. Strawberry Clovers properties lend it to being an excellent “living mulch” for vegetable gardens, vineyards, and orchards. As a leguminous and hardy plant, it is considered to be a beneficial component of natural or organic pasture management and lawn care due to its ability to reduce nitrogen leaching from the soil and out-compete weeds. For these reasons, it is often used as a green manure and cover crop.

Adapted to wet saline and alkaline soils, Strawberry Clover will also tolerate flooding and is the most salt tolerant clover available. Strawberry Clover has the ability to choke out most weeds and unwanted plant life in the area that it’s planted. The dense cover will also protect your land against erosion from wind, water and animal traffic.

Strawberry Clover is generally used in mixtures with grass and wildflowers to produce an alternative lawn for large areas. It can be planted on its own for smaller lawn areas. It has, in the past, been used principally as a pasture plant that is somewhat drought resistant.

Strawberry Clover encourages birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to inhabit your property. 


Each seed packet contains a minimum of 400x seeds and germination notes. 

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