Children's Bulk Seed Pack - 15 Individual Packets of Colour & FUN for kids

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Children's Bulk Seed Pack - 15 Individual Packets of Colour & FUN

We've spent hours researching varieties that are brightly coloured/ weirdly unique, easy to grow,  and FUN!

Have you been wanting to start some garden beds with your children, or simply looking for some activities to fill in your time at home & don't know which seed varieties to chose?

Why not spoil your little ones with their own seed bundle designed for kids or send a care package to a loved one?

Each 'Children's Bulk Seed Pack' has been carefully created to suit beginner gardeners and will include 15 the below varieties;

Sunflower 'Sunbird'
Poppy 'Double Shirley Mix'
Melon 'African Horned'
Corn 'Rainbow Glass Gem'
Cabbage 'Red Acre'
Carrot 'Scarlett Red'
Pumpkin 'Small Sugar' 
Eggplant 'Tsakoniki'
Broccoli 'Romanesco'
Spring Onion 'Red Blood'
Tomato 'Red Currant'
Swiss Chard 'Rainbow'
Cauliflower 'Purple Sicily'
Radish 'Watermelon'
Broccoli 'Baby’
Poppy 'Red Flanders'
Strawberry 'Alba'
Turnip 'Golden'
Carrot 'Royal Chantenay'
Cauliflower 'Purple Sicily'
Centaurea 'Red Ball'
Kale 'Red Russian'
Corn 'Popcorn'
Lettuce 'Iceberg'
Bean 'Butter - Dwarf' 

Each 'Children's Bulk Seed Pack' includes 15 individual seed packets and growing tips. 

** Seed packets may be substituted for other fun varieties due to seasonal availability 

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