Calla Lily 'Green Goddess'

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A favorite of florists and home gardeners thanks to its stunning color and delightful fragrance, Calla Lily 'Green Goddess' (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is extraordinary with its abundant and large creamy white trumpet-shaped flowers, shading to bright green from the edges toward their white center, atop elegant, bright green, arrow-shaped leaves. Flowers from spring to summer with year round green foliage.
Easy to care for and grow!

Each seed packet includes a minimum of 6x seeds and germination notes.

Growing from seed 

Only cover the seeds in a thin layer of potting mix. Remember the general rule only cover a seed in as much soil as the size of the seed! So a 1mm seed only gets covered in 1mm of soil.

It is best to plant these seeds in conditions where the temperature can remain consistently warm. You can use a heat mat or wait until Spring/Summer. 

Keep the potting mix moist but not wet.

Seeds of this variety can take upto a few months to germinate a grow into plants large enough to transplant. 

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