Chenopodium Foliosum 'Strawberry Spinach' Seeds

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Chenopodium Foliosum 'Strawberry Spinach' - 40+ Seeds

Strawberry spinach is comprised of arrow-shaped leaves growing in a low rosette with upright, flowering stems that seasonally produce clusters of brightly colored berries. The green leaves are broad, flat, thin, and triangular to spade-shaped, averaging 2 to 10 centimeters in length.

Strawberry spinach is known for its edible leaves, berries, and roots. The leaves have a mild, earthy, and subtly bitter, spinach-like flavor and can be consumed in early or mature stages. Strawberry spinach leaves can be used in any recipe calling for ordinary spinach. In addition to the leaves, the berries are consumed fresh. The berries have a very mild taste and offer more color and texture to dishes than flavor. They can be added to salads, sprinkled over yogurt or granola, used as a topping over ice cream, or placed as an edible decoration on other desserts.

Worldwide, the species has acquired several names, including Strawberry Goosefoot, Strawbini, Blight Goosefoot, Beetberry, Strawberry Blite, and Strawberry Stick. Strawberry spinach leaves and berries are the most consumed portions of the plant and can be incorporated into fresh and cooked preparations.

Seed Starting Method  start as seedlings 
Sowing Depth 3mm
Growing Season Summer + Spring 
Germination Time 7-15 days at around 18-24c
Hardiness Annual - Hardy 
Plant Spacing  100cm
Plant Height 50
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well fed soil
Days Until Maturity  50 days 
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