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For centuries Penny Royal mint has been used in preparation to deter pests like fleas and gnats. Pennyroyal also had a history of medicinal uses, although that trend has faded with new knowledge of its potential toxicity. Aside from its pros and cons as a herb, as a member of the mint family pennyroyal is very easy to grow. Its profuse lavender flowers attract butterflies, and its spreading habit fills in bare spots in the garden or container.

Dried pennyroyal

Grown in Containers
Pennyroyal will be a lush container specimen that spills attractively over the edges, creating a handsome green accent for your hanging baskets or window boxes. Growing pennyroyal in a container is also a smart way to control the plant in areas where it has an invasive tendency. Grow pennyroyal on its own in a container, or with an equally assertive plant like mintlamium, or ajuga, which require the same growing conditions and can compete with pennyroyal.
Growing From Seeds
Pennyroyal seeds germinate in one to three weeks in temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can direct sow the seeds where you want them to grow outdoors, or give them a head start indoors four to six weeks before the last frost date.
Super easy to grow from seed.

Each seed packet contains a minimum of 75-100 seeds. 


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