Amaranthus 'Tricolor Perfecta' Seeds

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Amaranthus 'Tricolor Perfecta' - 20+ Seeds. 

Grown for its stunning display of red, yellow, green and chocolate coloured foliage/leaves. A colourful addition to any garden during the warmer months

Perfecta Amaranthus Tricolor is a popular annual foliage plant. Known as Summer Poinsettia, Joseph's Coat, and Tampala, Amaranthus Perfecta can be easily started from seeds, and this Amaranthus forms tall, narrow sturdy columns that have dark green, bronze leaves below a dense packed yellow and red foliage  - like a kaleidoscope of colour.

Amaranthus Tricolor Perfecta can be used as a colourful garnish in cooking and salads.

This variety is best grown in the sub-tropics or a sheltered area in cooler areas as Amaranthus Tricolor Perfecta is not frost hardy.

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings and plant out or sow directly 
Most people chose to show this plant directly where it is to grow.
Sowing Depth 3mm
Growing Season Spring & Summer
Germination Time 7-10 days at around 18-21c
Hardiness Perennial
Plant Spacing  30cm
Plant Height 60-70cm
Planting Position Partial or full sun
Days Until Maturity  100 days 
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