Cauliflower 'Early Jesi' Seeds

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Cauliflower 'Early Jesi' - 25-30 Seeds

Cauliflower Early Jesi is a fast-developing cauliflower that is ready to pick in 140 days with large ivory coloured, angular shaped heads which often weigh around 1.8 Kg. The succulent leaves can be used in many dishes and the flowering curd is both delicious in cooked meals, eaten raw in salads etc, or used for pickling and preserving.

Cauliflowers like cool weather for fastest development and need well drained, well limed, rich soil for best flavour.  Plant the seeds from October to April in Cool and Temperate areas and from February to April in Tropical and Subtropical areas.  

Cauliflower like other members of the Brassica genus, requires a fertile soil with good moisture-holding capacity.

This variety is mildew resistant.

Seed Starting Method Raise seedlings or sow directly into prepped soil
Sowing Depth 3-5mm
Growing Season Spring & Summer & Autumn 
Germination Time 7-16 days at around 18-30c
Hardiness Annual
Plant Spacing  50cm
Plant Height N/A
Planting Position Partial or full sun, moist well manured soil
Days Until Maturity  140 days 
Growing tips Hardy and easy to grow variety


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